OPEN CALL: Project: Free, SIPMA ’17

Alternate Enabling for Global Expansion

Thank you for your interest in SIPMA!  Please check back with us for our next open call!

Please follow guidelines carefully.  Off format submissions will not be considered.
Checklist for single PDF upload:

  1. Please present no more than 3 jpegs
  2. Your name, phone number and email address, CV, statement etc.
  3. Label PDF with your first and last name and embed your images in it.
  4. Image List must contain Title, Medium and Size for each image
  5. Application fee: $36, enter Paypal ID next to your name below.
  6. Send your questions or comments here.


Please note, all of our application fees go towards funding of the exhibits. Our guest artists – most of whom are celebrated internationally, some from overseas are exempt from an entry fee. We go to great lengths to bring together works of dedicated and exceptional artists – emerging and established. We strive for a coherent narrative in our shows which are competitive but never a competition!