Project: Free

Freedom – a highly valued commodity, holds true within limitations of a context. Same goes with freedom of expression – much propagated on popular media and television. Jean Baudrillard argued that television precludes the reciprocity necessary for symbolic exchange. Since the television audience cannot “give back” to television, television prevents communication according to him. As also among masses, “freedom” is often lobbied for by politicians. Masses, hold power in their silence. In their silence, they absorb and neutralize. How important is freedom to the masses?

This is a call to artists to explore what it means to live in a free world or to have freedom of speech and expression. There are no limitation on size or media.

Submission is free for this two part initiative.

The first round will be an online exhibit. Round two will be juried for a brick and mortar gallery space. We will announce jury name in Fall 2016. Our publication will feature works of select participating artists and circulated widely. Please follow submission guidelines.

Deadline: September 18th 2016

Failure to follow guidelines might disqualify your submission.

  1. Please present no more than 5 jpegs
  2. Your name, phone number and email address, CV, statement etc.
  3. Provide an Image list with the following file naming convention: jpg, LastName_FirstName1_ImageName.jpg, LastName_FirstName2_ImageName.jpg LastName_FirstName3_ImageName.jpg etc.
  4. Image List must contain Title, Medium and Size for each image
  5. Images must be no more than 72 dpi and 1000 pixels on the longer side, File name must correspond with Image title more or less.
  6. Email your submission with “Project: Free” marked in the subject field

SIPMAjuried’16 guest Tony Dispigna


A legend in typography and design Tony Dispigna will share his work and years of crafted technique on April 9, 2016 at 5:00 pm.  Pre-registration is highly recommended.

Tony partnered with Herb Lubalin in 1973 for several years and ran his own studio, Tony Di Spigna Inc. from Irving Place in New York. Tony likes working with his hands and derives great satisfaction from creating pleasing letter forms. A large part of his output is cursive and calligraphic in nature but his work covers the whole spectrum of type and logo forms.

Tony now works out of THINSTORKE, co- founded by Bill Hilson and himself.  The firm specializes in Corporate Identity and Branding, designing new and exclusive typefaces for the international market place and are consultants in all areas of communication design.

I Eat Therefore I Am: SIPMAjuried’16

CALL TO ARTISTS: Consumption is endless and voracious – whether it is breathing air, smoke, narcotics, or ingesting food and drinks, medicine and supplements! Given the opportunity it often exceeds our needs. The practice of abstinence can be just as furious and fervent. Intellectually we consume gigabytes of data every day, more than one’s capacity to assimilate. So intrinsic is the need to consume that the desire to abstain calls for extreme conscious effort. Yet it has been the goal of every regime to distribute and control consumption of its people.
Artists are invited to express their take on food, body image, need, nourishment, obsession, and compulsion, anything that pertains to the human condition in question.

Application is now closed.  Check with us for future opportunities

Dates: Apr 9 – May 7, 2016
Reception Date & Time: April 9, 2016 ( 6-8pm)
Install Dates:  Apr 7-8, 2016 (11am-6pm)

De-install Dates:
May 10-11, 2016 ( 11am-6pm) those who are unable to pick up works during those times will have their works stored with care but NO INSURANCE until the Saturday May 14th, 3:30 pm.

Dates: Apr 9 – May 7, 2016
Reception Date & Time: April 9, 2016  6-8pm)



“I Live Here Now” is an invitation to artists for looking at the state of modern community, with its set of allegiance and shifting paradigm of habitat in a culture of consumerism.

201 Washington Street, Reading, PA 19601.
Goggleworks extends over a city block housing 4 galleries and artists residencies

The juror found it especially challenging to make a decision as the selection process was extremely competitive with the great number of merited works we received from so many talented artists!  Congratulations to those whose works were selected for the show!

 May 1-2, 2015: Hand Delivery of works to Goggleworks, 11am – 7 pm
May 8 – June14, 2015
Opening Reception: May 8, 2015
from 5:30PM to 7:30PM

Location Details: 2 hrs 18 mins bus ride from NYC: here

“I Live Here Now” is an invitation to artists for looking at the state of modern community, with its set of allegiance and shifting paradigm of habitat in a culture of consumerism.  The number of luxury-goods consumers worldwide over the past 20 years has more than trebled to 330m yet the definition of luxury remains ephemeral, albeit that in itself might be the attraction it bears!  Newlyweds pose in front of illuminated shop windows with designer name brand items for romance in some parts of the world – themselves unequipped to acquire such goods.  “The acquisition of luxury is both an attempt at transcendence and an act of appropriation, like the picking of the apple in the garden of Eden.”

Alongside of this appetite to define social standing with the display of commodities, there is wide spread devaluation of communitarianism.  Globalization and social displacement has raised generations with confused identity and allegiance.  Sensibilities of distinct autonomous communities are fast dissipating…

The possibilities of the project can be in line of defining the new normal or projecting the future of communitarianism – in a place permitting degrees of separation or in conjunction with globalism.  Define identity outside of that conferred by the display of commodities.  Exploring bonding through “symbolic exchange”, i.e., a form of exchange not aimed at establishing equal value between two exchanged tokens, as in the exchange of money for goods or services.   It is an all media show.  The space allows for large installations, so artists to whom size matters, go all out!  Dare us with your wildest imagination!  All media welcome, only criteria – make your mark! 


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